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Unabashedly Me

16 May
I am a truth seeker and relationship junkie. I need to love and be loved. I enjoy debate, but unsupported retorts are not worth my time.
1984, 20/20, acne, alanis morrisette, alfred bester, andromeda, angelina jolie, anne mccaffrey, arthur c. clarke, babylon 5, ben browder, bjork, brimstone, catholic, charmed, christianity, christina aguilera, clubbing, college, computers, dancing, dead like me, dead zone, depression, different cultures, discovery channel, dogma, douglas adams, dr who, ds9, due south, eating rice, economic justice, emma bunton, emotions, enterprise, enya, family guy, fantasy, farscape, feminism, fiona apple, forever knight, futurama, geri halliwell, ginger spice, h.g. wells, harry potter, highlander, honesty, hope college, html, ice skating, ireland, issac asimov, j.r.r. tolkien, japan, jewel, julia stiles, l'engle, life, lord of the rings, love, madonna, marion zimmer bradley, mel b, mel c, melanie b, melanie brown, melanie c, melanie chisholm, mercedes lackey, michael shanks, mike myers, monty python, mother teresa, moulin rouge, mozilla, nature, night sky, pacifism, peace, peace corps, persechetti, personal accountability, philosophy, photoshop, pirates of the caribbean, poems, poetry, posh spice, pretender, psychology, quantum leap, queer eye, quirky humor, reading, red dwarf, romantic comedies, roswell, sacred heart, sailor moon, sarah brightman, sarah mclachlan, scary spice, school of the americas, sci-fi, science fiction, scuba diving, seaquest dsv, sentinel, seven days, sg-1, shakira, sheryl crow, sinead o'connor, singing, six feet under, sliders, snow skiing, soa, soaw, social justice, spice girls, spice world, spiceworld, spicy foods, sporty spice, star trek, star trek: enterprise, star trek: tng, stargate, stargate icons, stars, superchic[k], sweatshops, the learning channel, the matrix, the real world, victoria beckham, wicca, writing, x-men, yfu, youth for understanding