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First (in person) Date [Oct. 1st, 2011|04:35 pm]

I had my first date today with someone I met through an online dating site. I suppose I should specify that this date was in-person because we have actually had several phone dates before. This seems to be backwards from the way that I expect things to go. I expect to first see someone in person and then talk to them on the phone or online. Instead we first exchanged messages, then instant messages, had phone conversations and finally met in person.

We met at a coffeehouse about equidistant from our respective homes, though actually a few minutes longer drive for me. I got there about ten minutes early. She got there a few minutes late after getting lost along the way. I bought a cup of coffee before she arrived. She bought herself a cup of hot cider. I hope that she was OK with buying herself something. Perhaps I should have offered or at least waited. Of course, I had not even sat down before she showed up. I was going to sit at a table with high stools so my legs could dangle. She insisted on sitting at a regular height table.

I guess it's hard to conceptualize a person from looking at a picture. It took me a moment, but I did recognize her. She is definitely very pretty. She kept pulling at her jacket and I wondered if me looking at her made her uncomfortable. I told her that she is very pretty and she responded, "It doesn't matter--thanks." I was amused to notice that I had a blue v-neck sweater on and she had a pink v-neck sweater.

On one of our phone conversations, she had asked me if I was uncomfortable with silences and I had said no. Was she hinting that she was uncomfortable with silences? Today, we found a number of things to talk about despite knowing so much from profiles, messages, instant messages, and phone conversations. She told me that she needed time to reflect on our date and that I would learn that she over thinks everything.

She's funny and smart. The one thing that was even a little bit negative was a lack of confidence on her part. I hope that she decides that the date went well enough to continue getting to know each other.