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Dream [Sep. 20th, 2008|11:16 am]

I was in this circular room with a couple of partners. We had to solve these ppuzzles in order to defeat those who wanted to destroy us. Our time was running out, but it seemed like we we were going to succeed.
I was outside in the yard and I could see this giant ray gun with three prongs was turning, aiming at our place. One of the people in charge of the ray gun came over and was gleefully talking about knitting a pale green cashmere sweater. I told her she needed to stop the ray gun before it killed me partners and I as well as destroying our structure. She dismissed it as an unimportant detail and went back to talking about her sweater. I became enraged and began pushing her around--trying to get her to pay attention. I didn't push her hard enough to hurt her, but hard enough that she couldn't keep her focus on the sweater.